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Family Butcher

Great British Christmas Crown

Order number 4762035 - Available from 20th December

Prepared in store. Serves 6-8. Succulent turkey breast, circled with pork ribs, topped with pork, sage and onion stuffing and crowned with rashers of streaky bacon. Made to order by your Family Butcher but can be purchased only as a whole item. 3kg

Crackling Turkey

Order number 4762025 - Available from 9th December

Prepared in store. Succulent British turkey breast joint stuffed with delicately smoked pork tenderloin, then topped with crispy crackling.

Great British Stuffed Turkey Crown

Medium (low) 1.8-2.4kg (serves 5-6),

order number 4762340.

Medium (high) 2.5-2.9kg (serves 7-8)

order number 4762345.

Large 3.0-3.9kg (serves 9-12)

order number 4762350.

Extra large 4.0-5.4kg (serves 13-18)

order number 4762355.

Available from 9th December.

Prepared in store. Stuffed and ready to roast - British turkey filled with pork and a sage and onion stuffing, and topped with streaky bacon.

Butter Basted Whole British Turkey

Medium (low)3.7-4.7kg (serves 7-8) £25,

order number 4795543.

Medium (high) 4.8-5.5kg (serves 8-9) £30

order number 4795544.

Large 5.6-6.9kg (serves 10-13) £38

order number 4795545.

Available from 19th December.

Basted with butter for extra succulence. £6.79/kg

M Signature Free Range British Bronze Turkey

Small 2.1-3.0kg (serves 3-4) £20 each,

order number 4795615.

Medium 3.1-3.9kg (serves 5-6) £27 each,

order number 4795618.

Large 4.0-4.6kg (serves 7-8) £33 each,

order number 4795611.

Extra-large 4.7-5.8kg (serves 9-10) £39 each,

order number 4795613.

Available from 19th December.

Free to roam turkey, reared slowly for a rich, full flavour. £9.52/kg

M Signature British Turkey Crown

Small 1.5 - 2.5kg (serves 3-5), order number 4762310.
Large 2.6-3.5kg (serves 6-8), order number 4762315.
Available from 16th December.


Stuffed Turkey Breast Joint

Order number 4762030 - Available from 9th December.

Prepared in store. Made with British turkey and tasty sage and onion stuffing. Cut to order

Skin-on Turkey Breast

Order number 4762022. Available 4th December.

Cut to order.

Standard Turkey Crown

Medium (low) 1.8-2.4kg (serves 5-6),

order number 4762014.

Medium (high) 2.5-2.9kg (serves 7-8),

order number 4762015.

Large 3.0-3.9kg (serves 9-12),

order number 4762016.

Extra large 4.0-5.4kg (serves 13-18),

order number 4762017.

Available from 4th December.

Whole British Turkey

Small (low) 1.9-2.6kg (serves 3-4) £12,

order number 4796020.

Small (high) 2.7-3.6kg (serves 5-6) £18,

order number 4796025.

Medium (low) 3.7-4.7kg (serves 7-8) £23,

order number 4796030.

Medium (high) 4.8-5.5kg (serves 8-9) £28,

order number 4796035.

Large 5.6-6.9kg (serves 10-13) £36,

order number 4796040.

Extra large 7.0-8.2kg (serves 13-15) £39,

order number 4796045.

Available from 19th December.


Three Bird Roast with Winterberry Stuffing

Order number 0102927

Cook from frozen turkey breast stuffed with chicken breast, duck breast and a berry stuffing. 1.5kg (£6.67/kg)

Free Range Goose

Small 3.5-4.5kg (serves 4-5),

order number 4795595.

Large 4.6-5.5kg (serves 6-8),

order number 4795597.

Please note, geese are not available from New Year pre-order

Carvery (French) Trimmed Leg of Lamb

Order number 4712012

Prepared in store. Cut to order by your in store butcher

British Three Pork Roast

Cut to order, order number 4732027

Prepared in store. British pork loin and tenderloin, wrapped in scored rind-on pork belly for a moist roast with a crackling top.

Bone in Rib Eye Joint

Cut to order, order number 4700082 - Available from 9th December

Perfectly trimmed British beef with the bone left in for extra flavour.

M Signature Christmas Tree Smoked Yorkshire Gammon Joint

Order number 0648510

British pork smoked over pine for a festive flavour. 1kg

M Signature Christmas Tree Smoked Bacon

Order number 0644426

Dry-cured British bacon smoked over spruce chippings. 200g (£14.95/ kg)