Petrol station

Petrol station
Morrisons petrol filling stations are located at many of our stores offering all the fuels you’d expect – including LPG Autogas at some sites, as well as the added benefit of carwash, jet-wash and vacuum facilities.

We've got everything you need for a top-up shop or a long journey on the road ahead – from a selection of groceries and fresh foods, to a range of newspapers and magazines, tobacco, drinks and snacks, as well as oil, screenwash and car cleaning products.

Morrisons Miles

With a Morrisons Miles Card you can make your money go that little bit further by collecting points and earning a £5 shopping voucher. Earn up to 10 Morrisons Miles with every litre of fuel you purchase.

Once you’ve collected 5000 miles on a single card, by purchasing 500 litres of fuel, we’ll give you a £5 shopping voucher to spend in-store. There’s no waiting for the vouchers to be posted either, you just pick them up from the petrol station kiosk and spend them in any Morrisons store – it’s as simple as that.

So remember the more you fill up at Morrisons, the more you save.

Fill up and save with fuelGenie

Morrisons has made it even easier for you and your business to save money on fuel by teaming up with fuelGenie:
  • Supermarket fuel is on average cheaper than other suppliers
  • Free to apply, no ongoing account management costs and no hidden charges
  • The fuelGenie business fuel card has no contract and up to 45 days credit facility
  • Easily accessible and dedicated reports show all transactions on one single invoice which is pre-approved by HMRC for easy VAT reclaim
  • Free 24/7 access to your online account management facility - set card usage limits, request new cards and much more.
The fuelGenie card can be used at 975 convenient locations across the UK - so you're never more than 10 miles away from making great savings as you fill up.

Apply for your Morrisons fuel card for free at and start paying less for your fuel at your local Morrisons today.

LPG Autogas

Morrisons is one of the country’s leading retailers of LPG Autogas. There are now over 59 Morrisons Petrol Filling Stations forecourts where LPG is available. Find locations selling LPG Autogas here.

Driving an LPG vehicle is safe, easy and best of all, much cheaper than driving a petrol or diesel model. Recent independent tests have also shown that out of the three fuels, LPG is the best environmental alternative.

LPG is significantly cheaper because the tax on the fuel is far lower in recognition of its environmental benefits, which include reductions in the level of emissions and particulates.

For all the information and advice you need on how to purchase an LPG vehicle or have a vehicle converted visit

For more information on our supplier of autogas please visit

Calor Gas

Many Morrison's Petrol Filling Stations now stock a wide range of Calor Gas LPG cylinders that can be used for a variety of applications. Find locations stocking Calor Gas.

The following cylinders are available (subject to availability):

Calor 5kg Patio Gas - Used for table top patio heaters, gas barbecues under 10Kw and caravans.
Calor 13kg Patio Gas - Used for all patio heaters and gas barbecues over 10Kw
Calor Butane 4.5kg - Typically used for spring and summer caravanning and also used in commercial applications for torches
Calor Butane 7kg - Ideal for use in caravans and small portable heaters.
Calor Butane 15kg - Ideal for the larger portable heater For more on Calor gas please visit

Your top FAQs about our petrol stations

What happens if I lose my Miles card?

If you have registered your Miles Card, please call us on 0345 611 6111 and we will be able to register a new card to your account. Once a new card has been registered, any points you had remaining on the card that was lost/stolen will be transferred to your new card, which we will post to you.

Unfortunately if you have not registered your Miles Card, we will be unable to help you with your lost / stolen Miles Card. Please visit one of our petrol stations where you will be able to pick up a new Miles Card.

How can I see how many points I've collected on my Morrisons Miles Card?

This should be shown on your receipt. If not please ask staff in our Petrol Station who will be happy to check for you - you will also be able to see the information on the customer display screen whilst it is being checked.

How can I get a Morrisons Miles Card?

You can pick up a Miles card at one of our petrol stations.

I’ve moved address, do I need to change my details on my miles card?

If you have registered your Morrisons Miles Card and you move house or any of your details change, you should call us on 0345 611 6111 and keep us updated.

If your Morrisons Miles Card is not registered you do not need to keep us informed

What are the rewards for using a Miles Card?

Once you have reached 5000 points, you can collect a £5 shopping voucher from one of our petrol stations. This can then be spent in any of our stores. Unfortunately, you are unable to spend your Miles Voucher at: Petrol Stations, Cigarette kiosk, Pharmacy, Lottery, Café, Photo Processing, Dry Cleaning, Gift Vouchers and Mobile Phone Cards.

Can I use my Miles Card with the Pay at the Pump facility?

Yes, there is a selection button to press after fuelling.

My points weren’t added from my previous visit, what shall I do?

Just take in your receipt into a Morrisons petrol station where your points can be added.

Why do your petrol fuel prices differ from store to store?

We always aim to be as competitive as possible; however, the fuel prices will vary between stores due to local competition.

Which of your filling stations sell LPG?

There are now over 59 Morrisons Petrol Filling Stations forecourts where LPG is available. Find locations selling LPG Autogas.

What fuels do you stock in the filling stations?

We currently stock Unleaded and Diesel. At some petrol stations we sell LPG. Morrisons buy regionally from every UK refiner and two of the biggest importer/blenders to obtain British Standard products at best prices for our customers.

What is your petrol pricing policy when a promotion is on?

Our prices will fluctuate as usual when a promotion is on, which is why we have a set reduction, not a set price.

Where can I purchase calor gas cylinders?

Calor Gas Cylinders and refils can be purchased from selected Morrisons Petrol Stations. Find your nearest station here.

How much fuel can I put into a container?

The law allows up to 23 litres of petroleum spirit to be carried at any one time in the following ways:

Up to 2 metal containers with the capacity not exceeding 2 gallons or 10 litres each. 
Up to 2 plastic containers not exceeding 1 gallon or 5 litres each to be kept in a motor vehicle.

What containers can I use for collecting fuel?

The Container must be approved to British Standards SI 1982/630 and must have a screw top and be marked, Petroleum Spirit, Highly Flammable.

Local authorities may issue a letter to a certain business allowing them to draw larger amounts of fuel into specified containers; this letter must be produced on every visit before authorisation of dispensing fuel.

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