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Community. Morrisons Makes It

Surprise party for animal-lover Storm

In just under two years, 11-year-old animal-lover Storm Burgess has raised £9,000 for 16 different animal charities in her local area.

Storm raises money through raffles, cake sales, and by selflessly donating her own toys and pocket money. She has ambitions to become a vet when she is older, and ultimately hopes to reach her personal fundraising target of £10,000.

Together with the Sheffield Cat Shelter we threw her a suprise party to say thank you and to celebrate her hard work and achievements.

Storm was told she was going out for dinner, when really, she was on her way to her suprise party attended by the animal shelter staff, volunteers, trustees, members of other charities Storm has helped - as well as her family and friends.

Storm’s mum, Tracy Burgess, said: “It’s such a surprise what they did for her, it was lovely. Obviously she didn’t know anything about it until she walked in. Her face was a picture when she walked through the door.” She added "She started it two years ago, at Christmas, where she went to different shops and asked for donations for animal shelters.She got about £1,000 worth of food and she split it between so many charities and I thought that would be it – but she carried on and carried on. I'm so proud I could burst."

Celebrating Terry and Anne's 36 years of service

Morrisons throws surprise party for Pride of Britain award winners.

In 1980 Anne and Terry Panks opened their home to people in need. Since then they have gone on to care for over 1,000 troubled boys and girls. Now in their 80's, they show no sign of wanting to stop looking after those in need.not only in the local area, but across the country for their huge hearts and amazing level of selflessness – with the same passion and selflessness that earned them the Pride of Britain award in 2012.

To celebrate their amazing community spirit, we threw them a surprise party to thank them for their 36 years of service.The pair were told they were on their way to meet a reporter from The Sun, when really they were on their way to a local community centre for a surprise party thrown by a number of people that were once in their care.

Anne said: "It was an amazing surprise! There were over sixty people there that we'd cared for. And there was a lot of people we've not seen for a while, so it brought us closer to a lot of different people."

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