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Love Food Hate Waste

We're supporting the Love Food Hate Waste campaign as part of our partnership with the
Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP).
Organise your meals in advance to make the most of your food
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Make sure you
only cook what you
need by measuring
in advance
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Keep your food fresh for longer by knowing where to store it
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Make the most out of your leftovers with WRAP's delicious recipes
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Since 2009, we've been working to help inform our customers how to make the most out of their food, and now we're working with Love Food Hate Waste to make that information even more useful. Find out more
Love Food Hate Waste aims to help you
reduce food waste with hints, tips and handy
recipes for your leftovers.
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Pears stay fresher and firmer in the fridge if kept in a loosely tied plastic bag, but you can ripen them at room temperature for a juicier flavor.Use up your remaining milk to make delicious scones.  Whip up a batch of scone mix and freeze in scone-sized portions until you’re ready to bake.