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Finding our Foodmakers

Finding our foodmakers

At Morrisons, we want to feed the nation with a bigger portion of food and drink
that is sourced from local suppliers. That’s why we’re now starting a fresh search for
a new crop of foodmakers - who we hope can grow with Morrisons and maybe even
become household names in their own right.

When it comes to finding local suppliers, we go further. We’re already doing lots to help regional food and drink suppliers ‘make it’ at Morrisons. And now we’re doing even more to meet local tastes - with our search to find The Nation’s Local Foodmakers, and products that are grown or made ‘just down the road’ from their local communities.

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Morrisons and local sourcing

Morrisons started life as a bustling egg, milk and butter market stall in Bradford back in 1899 – firmly planting its roots as a fresh-focused local grocer with an appetite for providing both quality and value. Today, we’ve made it a priority to focus even more on local food, with more of our products sourced near our local stores to save hundreds of food miles.

We want to support local communities - and their local economies - and are looking for small food and drink manufacturers like you, who meet local food tastes and grow or make their products within a 30-60 mile radius of our stores. In addition, we’re looking to help grow suppliers whose food and drink may be recognised and liked already by local customers, but is not yet known nationally.

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Why locally sourced products are important to us

Some of our customers want more food that is made 'just down the road' from their own communities, in their town, county or region.

It can save on food miles, and improve freshness as a result.

Customers appreciate that it supports local communities and economies.

It allows us to support British farming and the countryside, and helps us to know where our food comes from.

Finding our foodmakers

We’d like to invite you to join other local food and drink suppliers from around
England, Scotland and Wales.

Pitch your wares and convince us that your food and drink belongs on Morrisons shelves.

Throughout 2017, The Nation’s Local Foodmakers will see our buyers tour the nation in search of the best local suppliers to supply our stores today - and hopefully grow with us in the future.

If you’re a small food and drink supplier and grow or make products that you think Morrisons customers in your local area would buy, please complete the application form to let us know why you think you could make it with Morrisons.

We’ll be inviting successful applicants to meet our buyers, local store colleagues and customers at the following regional events, where a final decision will be made. If you are successful we will confirm the details of the event that you have been invited to and provide you with further information.

For more details please click here to view our 'The Nation's Local Foodmakers Terms and Conditions of Entry'. Please note that you will need to agree to these terms in order to submit your application. If you are successful in the selection process then you will need to agree to further terms and conditions relating to the regional events.

The events

Friday 6th October, Abergavenny
St Michaels Centre
Closing date for applications: Wednesday 20th September, 5pm

St Ives
Monday 30th October
Burgess Hall, One Leisure St Ives
PE27 6WU
Closing date for applications: Wednesday 18th October, 5pm

Dates and locations are subject to confirmation and until then are for guidance only.
Our Nation's Local Foodmakers events will usually take place on a
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday within the weeks provided.
Please note that applications submitted to us after the closing date may not be processed by us and you may not receive any communication from us in relation to your application.

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Alechemy Brewery was launched in Livingston in 2012 by Dr James Davies, who brewed beer as a hobby in his shed. He started working with the local food and drink hub, who helped him distribute to larger outlets. In September 2016 the hub introduced him to Morrisons, who selected one of his beers for a Scottish beer festival. Six months later the brewery is moving to a site twice the size, allowing them to double capacity. They are installing a new bottling line to produce products in just two days, down from two months.

James said: “It’s great to see Morrisons taking an interest in local products. It’s not just about the sizable orders, it’s the fact it gives us more exposure. We’ve had loads of people who’ve bought beer from Morrisons, then want to try more of our range.”

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Proper Nutty

Proper Nutty peanut butter was founded in Yorkshire by Stuart and Kathryn Franklin in 2014. Originally produced at their kitchen table, production was moved to a little factory the same year.

Proper Nutty met Morrisons in 2015 at a local business event. Two months later it was asked to supply 51 stores across Yorkshire. The order doubled Proper Nutty’s turnover overnight. The company now delivers two pallets every week to Morrisons Wakefield distribution centre by transit van.

Stuart says: “Supplying Morrisons has been a game changer. We’ve gone from sending out boxes to sending out pallets. It will also help us to provide much needed manufacturing jobs here in Yorkshire.”

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Llaeth y Llan

Llaeth y Llan is based in North Wales. In 1985, dairy farmers Gareth and Falmai Roberts started to make yogurt, with first trials made in the farmhouse airing cupboard. Their growing dairy supplied local shops and one Safeway supermarket, acquired by Morrisons in 2004. As sales grew Morrisons invited Llaeth y Llan to stock their products at 31 stores throughout Wales. Since then Morrisons orders have increased 20% year on year. As a result, the dairy moved to a new 2,500m² factory with 50 staff in 2016.

Falmai Roberts said: “Supplying Morrisons throughout Wales has considerably increased our product sales and made our brand available to more customers.”