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Good To Know It's Morrisons

We buy direct from Fisherman's boats.

We currently offer nearly 70 species of fish & seafood because we know customers are interested in trying different things. Our fishmongers can give you expert tips on preparing and cooking fish.

Morrisons Seafood

100% British meat.

We work with around 400 UK farmers to give you the best and freshest produce all year round. All of our Morrisons meat and fresh chicken is 100% British.

Freshly Made in-store.

Our cake shop uses 100% British Cream, and we freshly bake cookies and pastries in-store daily

Baked with 100% British Milk & Eggs.

We source milk from several thousand individual dairy farms all over England, Scotland and Wales. All of our fresh milk and cream is 100% British, as is the majority of our butter and yoghurt.

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Morrisons Makes It.

We're proud to be foodmakers as well as shopkeepers, and we make more of our own food than any other supermarket. Over half of the fresh items we sell are picked, chopped, baked, cut, filleted, seasoned, roasted and packaged by us.

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For Farmers.

For Farmers was introduced in October 2015 to give customers the opportunity to pay a little more for products to support farmers. We listened hard to customers and this is something they told us they wanted.

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